New York – an Instagram Diary: Part 2

The best thing about New York is that there’s always something to say about New York. So after part 1, here comes the second part of my New York Instagram diary of my weekend trip last March. Here we go!


Nobody would ever say that the Americans are famous for their cuisine. But there is actually one thing that would deserve the biggest fame: cookies. I love them! For example those of Birdbath Green Bakery in Soho.

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When it comes to good eats, it’s all about burger. Where else if not in NYC? Nowhere in the world would you find a larger selection of burger joints. And forget everything you might know about burgers from Europe or Asia or any other continent! Here’s proper beef!

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Somehow 2013 became my Beatles year. After visiting the Beatles Museum in Liverpool in February, I finally made it to the famous Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Don’t get confused, here’s neither a field nor strawberries, but a nice guy that can tell you everything about the life and death of John Lennon.

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Just like the British, Irish, Czechs or Germans, the Americans love beer. After all, many families have their origins somewhere in Europe. Brooklyn Brewery is pretty famous. They do beer tours there, but I have not yet managed to do that. No worries, there is always a next time for NY.

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There are a lot of flea markets in New York. I most liked Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in Manhattan, between 34th and 57 Street and between 8th Avenue and Hudson River. What could be better than walking around a flea market in the morning sun with a cup of coffee in your hand?

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Forget the Freedom Tower! The Empire State is and will probably ever be the most famous building in New York. Nevertheless, I’ve never been to the observation deck. Why? The answer is simple: From the top, one building will definitely be missing in the Manhattan skyline: the Empire State. Unlike on the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center.

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The city of New York is best explored on foot. There is simply too much to discover. But be careful, Manhattan is always larger than previously thought. 15 blocks might not sound a lot, but if you have to walk, it’s a bloody long way. But hey, at the end of the day, you really deserved your burger (the one I mentioned above).

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Despite all the walking, what you definitely should do once, is to take a ride with a New York cab. The best time to do so is late at night, when the street are a little bit less crowded and the drivers drive through the urban canyons, let’s say, the way they actually want to.

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  1. malapascua says:

    Das klingt super, also mit Cookies, richtigen Burgern, Flohmärkten kann ich mich auch sofort anfreunden 😉 Viele Grüsse aus Zürich!

  2. Ashley says:

    Agree with Top of the Rock! I’ve done the Empire observation deck and it’s LAME. Like you said, the best part of the view is missing because you’re standing on it! The lines wrap around the block, it’s super crowded, yada yada… I did Rockefeller Center last year and it was incredible! Easily my new favorite spot in NYC. Amazing views, no wait AT ALL, plenty of room to move around… perfection!

    • Clemens says:

      No wait at all? Lucky you! Last summer I was there with my parents and grandparents and would have to wait for over an hour for Top of the Rocks. Well I guess it really depends of the time of the year and day and everything. The view is worth an hour wait I’d say!


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