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  • Anekdotique 2014 Travel Retrospective | Part 1

    2014 was a truly anekdotique travel year with all-new countries like Iran, well-known like the US and many other trips that brought some unforgettable memories. The biggest change was that I started to work independently as a copywriter and travel writer. And then there was an unexpected hospital stay … Welcome to my big retrospective of Anekdotique 2014 travels, Part 1 (Jan-April).

    The Anekdotique Travel Year 2014 Retrospective

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  • Travel Blogger of the Month November at HostelBookers

    What an awesome surprise! Thank you HostelBookers Germany for making Anekdotique your Travel Blog of the Month November! It seems like some of my Anekdotiques made you laugh. For example my study of a new species of travelers: the iPad photographer. Not to forget my wild sheep chase on the North Sea island of Sylt.

    Guys, I hope my journeytelling stories will be as much fun in the future.
    Wanna know which other anekdotiques they liked the most? Read on here!

    And don’t miss the interview that I gave to Tripwolf a view weeks ago, after they also made me their travel blog of the month.


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  • Anekdotique goes art


    Instagram is always good for a surprise: Selfies, for example, are photographed self-portraits using a mobile phone and are often combined with a duckface, which is a pejorative term for a facial expression made by pressing one’s lips together into the shape of a duck’s bill. The latest trend, however, is Seatbeltboobing. These are frontal shots of female torsos in the car with a properly fitted safety belt, so that it is trapped between the breasts of the woman.

    It was just some weeks ago, that I started using this app and joined the photo-and video-sharing community. However, the most beautiful surprise came last week by instagram user CocoCaramel154

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