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  • Anekdotique 2014 Travel Retrospective | Part 1

    2014 was a truly anekdotique travel year with all-new countries like Iran, well-known like the US and many other trips that brought some unforgettable memories. The biggest change was that I started to work independently as a copywriter and travel writer. And then there was an unexpected hospital stay … Welcome to my big retrospective of Anekdotique 2014 travels, Part 1 (Jan-April).

    The Anekdotique Travel Year 2014 Retrospective

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  • Where to eat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    The city of Chiang Mai สถานที่ in Northern Thailand is well-known for its food, that is pretty distinct from its cousins to the south and east of the land of smiles. This is due to the fact that there is a serious influence from Burma and China to the northern cuisine. If you happen to be in and around Chiang Mai, these are some venues and eats, that your taste buds better don’t miss.

    Chiang Mai Restaurant: the Aroon Rai

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  • 10 Must Eat Foods in Thailand

    It’s hardly surprising that a cook’s heart blossoms when it comes to Thai cuisine. Not only because it’s one of the most renowned in the world, but nearly infinite. When in Thailand, chances are good that you have five dishes a day without eating even a single one twice in weeks. Here are my 10 most favorite Must Eat Foods in Thailand.

    Foods in Thailand

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  • Ton Sai Beach in Thailand – An Anekdotique Travel Guide

    Looking for a beach paradise? Meet Ton Sai Beach in Thailand. As the Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in SEA, it’s hard to find a lonely beach spot, just like the one we all might know from the Di Caprio movie The Beach: a tiny, picturesque bay, silky soft, white sand and coconut palm trees hanging their heads over the bay. But on my last trip to the land of smiles, I actually found a spot, that is pretty close to what you might have in mind right now. It’s name is Ton Sai Beach.

    Ton Sai Beach near Krabi in Thailand

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  • Discover Scuba Diving in the Andaman Sea – an incredible experience near Koh Phi Phi

    The small island archipelago of Koh Phi Phi is part of the Kingdom of Thailand, surrounded by the Andaman Sea and just over 45 km from the southern Thai main tourist destinations Krabi and Phuket.

    Even before my trip in December and January, I knew that the area has a reputation as a great dive site. However, I did not expect that I would actually do it myself: diving in the open seas.

    But yes, I’ve actually done it, I went diving! Even more than 13 meters deep! With blue spotted rays, filefish, harlequin sweetlips and Nemo. With riffs that deep down into a mysterious dark and with a rich and breathtaking underwater world in which I was allowed to be a guest.

    Well, I’ve noticed that diving is really not that hard to learn. Because on your first dive, your instructor will do the whole job. At a discover scuba diving course you really need nothing else to do than to listen well, have your wits about one, follow the instructions and let yourself fall into the blue depths of the ocean.

    But let’s start from the beginning.

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