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  • 15 reasons to visit Australia for the trip of a lifetime

    The Ayers Rock is one of the good reasons to visit Australia

    Reasons to visit Australia? C’mon mate! Weather for a two-week trip or for doing work and travel, Australia usually lands on most people’s bucket lists for a reason. If it’s not already on yours, here are 15 reasons why it should be. And why your trip will be the trip of a lifetime!

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  • The ultimate Whitsunday Islands cruise: Party madness in a natural reserve of Australia

    ‘Heeeey, how ya doooiiiing?’ When cheerful Australian girls talk to strangers, they always sound kind of nasally and combine it with an overly friendly smile. I am still not quite clear whether this strange characteristic can be trained or whether this is the result of a sunstroke. Anyway, this travel agency staff was excessively friendly.

    We got directly to the point and told her, that we wanted to do a cruise to the Whitsunday Islands. Yes, three days would be fine. Party, summer and nice people? Sure, why not. Although, not too much. But it would be nice to have a couple of cold beers on deck. If we had agreed to the party thing, she would have come up with the Atlantic Clipper, a schooner Yacht that has the reputation of being a real party boat.

    But of course, the young woman had a suitable offer for us: a cruise with the New Horizon. And of course, this would be exactly the right thing, with alcohol but without drinking games. At least we thought so, until the cruise finally started.


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  • Whitsunday Islands Travel Guide: Welcome to Paradise

    Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Islands

    The Whitsunday Islands are without doubt one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to. When traveling through Queensland, you get to know a lot of people that suggest tons of must-sees and must-do’s for your trip in Australia, from a bush walk through the Cape Tribulation rainforest to playing music with the hippies in Byron Bay. But there is one thing, which surely gets recommended often: the Whitsunday Islands with the whitest beaches and the most crystal clear water. Sounds good? Read on!

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