The story behind – Jerusalem’s Old City from up above


I shot this one two years ago from the roof of the Austrian Hospiece in Israel’s capital city. From up there you have a stunning view over the melting pot of Jerusalem with all its mosques and churches, old brick walls and sunny roof-top terraces.

And then there were those incomparable smells rising up from the crooked streets and alleys…

Smells of the most diverse jewish and arabian dishes, of freshly baked pita bread, burning incense and the pleasantly warm autumn breeze.

No wonder that this very moment is not only captured in this picture, but stuck to my memory forever.

Read more about the Austrian Hospiece in Jerusalem in another post.

Where: Austrian hospice, Jerusalem 37, Petah Tikva (ירושלים 37, פתח תקווה, Israel)
Entry: Ring the bell at the inconspicuous door at the corner right after the 3rd station of Via Dolorosa. Then just walk upstairs to the roof terrace

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  1. Marianna says:

    Das klingeln an dieser Tür erfordert aber schon einwenig Überwindung, fand ich. 😉

    • Clemens says:

      Stimmt, man fühlt sich auch ein wenig komisch dabei. Weil ja auch kein Name an der Tür steht, nichts, zumindest soweit ich mich erinnern kann.

  2. Very evocative post. Can almost smell the fresh pita bread and incense! I’d love to visit Jerusalem some day.

    • Clemens says:

      Thank you Lesley! You definitely should go there some day. It was one my most favorite cities that I’ve visited in recent years.


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