From Rome with Love – The Story Behind

From Rome with love: This Story Behind shows a panoramic view of Rome

From Rome with Love – the story behind this picture takes you to the Eternal City today, to the city of Pizza, Pasta, Pope and more. And above of: to the City of Love. Forget about Paris. In Rome, Love is even in the air. Literally.

Under the category ‘The Story Behind’ I regularly show you selected snapshots from my travels all over the world and tell you the stories that are hidden within: interpersonal things and small happenings that are hiding somewhere in the picture. Be aware of the motif, because it might be that it includes one of my most personal travel tips. Todays Story Behind: From Rome with Love.

I guess you have already guessed right. What you can see in the picture further back is the Vatican or better said the cupola of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. But are those balloons up there in the air, you ask? Yeah, that’s right. In Rome, love is literally in the air. 

And you can actually see and feel that when letting the day pass by in the city. People talk to each other more lovely on the streets, they express themselves with more love and they even scream at each other from balconies with more passion. Believe me, people who visit this city come home from Rome with love.

Nevertheless in case that you need a break from the hectic in this huge city (and believe me you will be in need of a break) I can totally recommend the Pincio, a hill overlooking the Eternal city. From the lively Piazza del Popolo, a steep path leads up to a idyllic park, from which you have a unique view up to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Here the hours fly by when you sit on the railing watching the hustle and bustle. From Roman families who spend their day here to the traffic jams in the streets below and the young people in the square, whose laughter can even be heard up here. And and if you’re really lucky, your view is sweetened with one or other unexpected flying object.

Did you ever came back from Rome with Love? What anekdotiques and tips do have from there? Leave a comment!

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