The picturesque Doors of Turin

A wooden Door of Turin

I recently spent some sunny days in Turin, a surprisingly diverse city in northern Italy, where I discovered something most visitors simply run past: the beautiful doors. Whether in the palace, government buildings, or at private homes, I was quickly reminded of the picturesque doors of Rome: heavy, wooden and colorful. True true storytellers of bygone centuries – finally, most have survived times of war, diseases and poverty.

While wandering through the narrow alleyways and huge boulevards of Turin, I was able to portrait some of the most remarkable doors of the city. Come in!

Two beautiful doors in Turin

Wooden doors

A closeup of a door

doors in Turin

Various italian doors

A huge wooden door in Turin in Italy


Other doors in Turin

A big door at a house in Turin

Doors in Turin in Italy

What do you think? Quite inviting, aren’t they? Each door has its own character. Each door is a different carved wood. Each door is decorated, lacquered or painted differently. Each door thus tells its own story, and the ones of the house’s inhabitants, that it guards so carefully, since ever.

Even the passers-by, young women on their bikes or the smooching couple, seem to be almost benevolently embedded into the picture, as if they were meant to be just there at this very moment.

Just as Turin, each city has its buildings. Each building its very special doors. And each door its own story. You only have to look at it for the story to be told.

Thanks to Turismo Torino e Provincia and Consorzio Turistico „Incoming Experience“ for the invitation to Turin and some wonderful days spent together.

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  1. Neni says:

    Die Türen lassen die Stadt lebendiger wirken. 🙂

    • Clemens says:

      Stimmt Neni! 🙂 Komisch eigentlich, schwer und hölzern wie sie sind, bringen sie doch irgendwie ein wenig Leben ins Stadtbild.

  2. Charlie says:

    I actually have a funny love for rustic doors, so super enjoyed this post 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    Very cool. I once did a piece on the Doors of Tibet. Doors really have a lot of character.

    • Clemens says:

      Wow, Tibet must have some really nice doors! I have to check them out someday! Well, and the rest of Tibet as well 😉

  4. Jeff says:

    I also like looking for cool door. Barcelona has had the best that I have seen so far.

  5. I love great doors and you captured great ones in Turin. We have a Pinterest board for doors and windows in Santa Fe, NM where we live.

  6. I have a strange obsession with doors and love looking out for them when I’m travelling. Some great finds you have documented here!

  7. Doors! I can’t tell you how annoyed Dan gets about me taking so many photos of doors, but I can’t help but love them when they look like this.


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