Anekdotique 2014 Travel Retrospective | Part 1

2014 was a truly anekdotique travel year with all-new countries like Iran, well-known like the US and many other trips that brought some unforgettable memories. The biggest change was that I started to work independently as a copywriter and travel writer. And then there was an unexpected hospital stay … Welcome to my big retrospective of Anekdotique 2014 travels, Part 1 (Jan-April).

The Anekdotique Travel Year 2014 Retrospective

January – Starting the year in SEA and the Orient

2014 started incredibly warm and humid. Namely in Thailand where I was traveling from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta and the Krabi region together with my family. Besides my very first scuba dive adventure (hell yeah!) and discovering my new favorite Thai beach called Ton Sai Beach we had tons of delicious Thai food that I still dream of, including my new favorites steamed squid with lemon dressing and a vegetarian dish called called Morning Glory. Yumm!!

The anekdotique year started in ThailandThe most anekdotique beach in Thailand, Tonsai beachanekdotique 2014 started with fish in Thailand

On our way home we took the chance to make a stopover in the city of Wow’s: Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Although this was not my first time in the sand city, I couldn’t help but be totally impressed again by all the skyscrapers, the ten-lane highways and the gigantic malls and bazaars.

To me, Dubai is still a mystery, a mixture of futuresque hyper-modernity and a fairy tale of 1001 nights. I guess I have to stay some more (days and) nights to get to know Dubai well. A goal for 2015 maybe?

The anekdotique skyline of DubaiAnekdotique 2014: Dubai AirportThe anekdotique bazar in Dubai

February – Skiing Switzerwonderland

February brought me back to the slopes to Laax in Switzerland, where I stayed in a hotel on top of the mountain with direct access to the ski runs. How amazing! Laax lies in the canton of Graubünden and was a surprisingly picturesque area for winter sports, with snow covering the mountain tops like surreal icing sugar. And so powder-soft that it was a real pleasure to go skiing. Laax, I’ll be back!

The anekdotique ski slopes in Laax in SwitzerlandAnekdotique February started with snow wonderland in Laax, Switzerland

March – Berlin spring, Turkey off the path and the strange side of Georgia

I spend the first days of March in Berlin, strolling around the Mauerpark, exploring the East Side Gallery aka the Berlin Wall and visiting the ITB, the biggest travel fair in the world, where I had some good chats with exhibitors, tourism boards and travel agents and met a bunch of amazing travel bloggers from all over the world to share my passion for travel.

These days made clear that already got out of the teething phase and that there are some amazing adventures to come the next years.

Anekdotique March: The train in Berlin, GermanyAnekdotique 2014: Graffiti at Mauerpark in BerlinAnekdotique 2014: The East Side Gallery in Berlin in Germany

And they started immediately with a trip to the Black Sea Coast of Turkey together with Turkish Airlines. Although this was my 10th trip to the country (I can’t believe it myself) I did not have to think too hard to say yes to this uncommon opportunity. The Black Sea Coast region of Turkey is a part of country that tourists normally don’t visit.

Anekdotique 2014: The view of Giresun at the Turkish Black Sea CoastAnekdotique Turkey Anekdotique 2014: a church ruin in Turkey

The region is so wonderfully untouched by tourism, that there is not even a travel guide about that region! I can only recommend the Turkish Black Sea Coast to everyone who wants to see a undiscovered part of Turkey. With the beautifully situated towns of Ordu and Giresun, little fishing villages, the football-crazy city of Trabzon, stunning rock graves and hazel trees everywhere.

Anekdotique 2014 with a lake in the Kackar Mountains in Turkey

The trip ended with Georgia for a day, when I went over the East Turkey boarder to catch a plane back to Istanbul from the weird city of Batumi.

Why weird you ask? Well, the place is somehow very old and very new. New in a way that comes with strange architectural surprises, for example a Ferris wheel built into a skyscraper. Or much more onto a skyscraper.

Nevertheless, Georgia got me hooked and I need to go back to this surprising country anytime soon.

Anekdotique Batumi in GeorgiaAnekdotique 2014: A wheel in a skyscraper in Batumi, Georgia

April – Bella Italia and Genuine Dublin

April started with some beautiful days in the City of Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region in North Italy. Fun fact: For the Turin Tourism Board I created the hashtag #TurinToLove … but before I actually went there. Luckily there was no reason to worry, because my trip to Torino was anything but disappointing.

Anekdotique Turin, Italy, from aboveChurches in anekdotique Turin in ItalyAnekdotique 2014: Inside the Turin Palace

I found myself in a beautiful place full of gorgeous buildings, magnificent palaces, restaurants offering some of the most delicious pasta I have ever tried, and most of all the probably best ice cream of Bella Italia at Gelateria Pepino. In fact ice cream to melt away.

And then suddenly I really fell in love … with the beautiful wooden doors of Turin. Reason enough to spend your day strolling around anekdotique Turin.

Anekdotique 2014: A palace near Turin, Italy

And then I finally got my ass back over to Ireland, where I had spend some really good fun days and pub nights last year. This time I visited the Library of Trinity College, had some proper Irish breakfast, went to Temple Bar district and made a day trip to the village of Howth at the sea, which I can only recommend.

Anekdotique 2014: Temple Bar district in Dublin, IrelandAnekdotique 2014: A church in Dublin, IrelandAnekdotique Howth close to Dublin in Ireland

Want to know how the travel year continues? Check out Part 2 of the Anekdotique 2014 Retrospective with my first steps in Barcelona, my sisters unforgettable wedding in the US and an incredible trip through Persia.

And find out how my travel year ended in Italy, England and South Germany in Part 3.

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  1. Great travels. I stayed in North America in 2014. Exploring USA with a trip to Montreal and Quebec City.

    • Clemens says:

      That sounds amazing Charles. Would love to visit Canada as well, and especially the region of Montreal and Quebec City must be worth a visit. Do you recommend it?

  2. Sarah Pittard says:

    talk about a great year!!!! Beautiful photos.

  3. Adelina says:

    Whoa! A ferris wheel built into a skyscraper? How strange! But kind of cool. Do they let people on it?

    • Clemens says:

      I’m not sure about that, Adelina. Could be that you have to work in that building for getting into the ferris wheel. I’ll check it out next time!


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