Spring, you’re such a poser

Finally, spring has arrived here in Germany – from Munich to Hamburg, from Berlin to Detmold. And everywhere people bask in spontaneous bliss. For it brings much more with it than just brightness and a bit of warmth.

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No, it brings us out of our own four walls and back into nature. When days are getting longer again and some nights too. It brings us to meadows, parks and lakes during the day and in crowded outdoor cafes in the evenings, where we behave so sociable that we are usually hard to get rid of.

It lets our corners of the mouth involuntarily move upwards, and lets the laughter of children somehow seem a little more cheerful than usual. And yes, it gives us what we all waited for: pleasantly warm sunshine in our faces and the first soft, healthy skin of the year.

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It brings movement in our joints as it appeals to our conscience saying: „Right now! Get out! Do something great!“

It lets us wake up earlier, get up faster and gives us the necessary nod to believe, yes, this is going to be a good day!

It lets nature appear in a juicy green dress, lets flowers sprout and fellow human beings sneeze. It brings birds to chirp in octaves and old dogs frolic, as if there would not be such a thing as the aging.

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It lets the sky finally appear so blue again that you could spend afternoons lying in the grass and just staring at it. It waves each day goodbye with a sunset that always reminds us of how many shades the colour red can actually have. A sky that us think aloud repeatedly: „Bye-bye day! It’s been a pleasure. Come back soon, and if so, then maybe this time to stay?“

Yes, spring is a little poser. But he has every reason to be like this.

What does spring mean to you? Leave a comment!

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