15 facts proving Bulgaria is more than just a place to get wasted

A windmill at the sea in Bulgaria

Summer, sun and long party nights: Bulgaria is known as a cheap holiday destination for sun lovers and party crowds at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
But listen up! The country has much more to offer. Those who avoid the tourist hotspots are overwhelmed by a magical Bulgaria, which surprises in many ways. Examples? Here are 15 facts proving that Bulgaria is more than the perfect destination for a beach party and holiday.

Bulgaria has the most beautiful seaside

A fisher boat in the sea in Bulgaria

Caribbean? Nice try. This is how Bulgarian sea looks like at lots of spots at the Pearl of thOrient,. Idyllic coves, miles of sandy beaches, crystal clear water in the most beautiful colors.

Want to jump in right now? I know you want it! What more can you ask for? From Golden Sands to Sunny Beach, from Kavarna down to Burgas, Bulgaria offers some of the most picturesque coastlines in Europe. And one needn’t look hard to find beaches of the hidden path that seem as if from a picture-book.

The country’s nature is breathtaking 

Cap Kaliakra in Bulgaria

You are standing on a rock far above sea level and let your eyes wander over the endless landscape that unfolds before your eyes.

For example, here: Cape Kaliakra, a long and narrow headland in the Southern Dobruja region where you could not only waste your time staring at the coastline for hours, but, if you are lucky, you can even spot dolphins having fun down in the sea of dazzling turquoise.

Bulgarians wake up to stunning sunrises

A sunrise in Bulgaria

A Bulgarian sunrise is the most wonderful wake-up kiss you will ever get – and totally worth it to get up that early (or simply stay awake that long…)

If you get the chance to have this wonderful experience at the beach, go for it! You won’t regret a sunrise over the sleepy sea, so colorful that it almost hurts in your eyes, so slowly as if the painter would really have proper knowledge of his business. Stunner!

Bulgaria offers even more enchanting sunsets

Sunset dinner in Bulgaria

Convinced? Then wait for the sunsets! Those will leave you speechless. Sit down in a nice bar, have a glass of excellent Bulgarian wine (or two, or three, or…) and enjoy life. As the saying goes, best things in life a free. And this one is definitely ranked very high.

Bulgaria is the perfect picture postcard

A seagull in Bulgaria

Sometimes it would be nice to wear a frame around the eyes, golden and with stucco. Because pictures like this prove that there are rarely better things to do than just enjoy your surroundings: the beautiful landscapes, the picturesque small villages, the photogenic wooden houses, and oh, did I mention these enchanting windmills in cities like Sozopol or Nesebar? Sigh…

The Black Sea is calling

Fisher boats in Bulgaria

Row, row, row your boat gently down the Bulgarian seaside. The Bulgarian coast is there to bee conquered.Whether with a sailing yacht or a small fishing boat, going offshore is in the very nature of the locals at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. And somehow this pretty much fits to the charm of the region, and the people’s easy going lifestyle.

The coast of Bulgaria: a kid’s paradise

Shells in Bulgaria

Do you really need the hustle and bustle of the major tourist destinations in Bulgaria like Varna or Albena to get your kids entertained? I sincerely hope not. There are tons of other things to do in Bulgaria that are interesting for your children.

Above all, besides the known resorts there are tons of hidden spots waiting to be discovered by the curious eyes of a child (and those of adults alike). Discover lonely beaches where you do not have this fear of losing your child in in the tourist masses.

Bulgaria is a land of green

A park in Sofia in Bulgaria

The country is full of nature! Even in the largest city of Bulgaria, Sofia, you can find green lungs like Borissova Gradina and Yuzhen Park that almost make you believing you are out in the countryside and not in the capital city. Perfect places to enjoy your spare time, hang out with friends, and calm down after walk through the city center.

Sofia is en vogue!

A church in Sofia in Bulgaria

The oldest architecture, charming plattenbau buildings (I really mean it!) and the most modern office buildings: the city of Sofia is the best example for a city on the rise.

Everything mixes up in the capitol of Bulgaria and transforms the city-shape from day to day, with a great choice of cafés, bars and clubs, as well as lots of parks and other open space to hang out. Sofia stands for an interesting mixture that never gets boring. What a great vibe!

Churches, churches, churches

Icons in a church in Bulgaria

Do you like churches? I do. Because I like the unique atmosphere in every church, the smell of the centuries, the silence that covers the whole place. Bulgaria is full of churches. Small, big, old, new and some even below ground.

In Bulgaria, no place is like the other

A windmill in Bulgaria

When traveling through Bulgaria you quickly notice that no place is like the other. It may sound plausible, but then again there is a surprise on every corner. Because every coastline is different, each bay has a different charm, every city has something very special about it.

Sofia has its ultra-modern buildings, Sozopol its wooden houses and Nesebar this wonderful wooden windmill on the causeway to the Old Town.

Bulgaria is wine lover’s dream

Whitewine bottles in Bulgaria

Wine, wine, wine! Grape growing and wine production both have a long history in Bulgaria, even dating back to the times of the Thracians. And the best part: you do not even need an excuse to drink, since wine goes in Bulgaria with almost any dish.

And don’t worry, in case there is no wine left, there is good chance you will find some beer or rakia (a mouth-watering distillation of fermented fruits that is a must-try for every new visitor!)

Bulgarian cuisine is tradition on your tongue

A typical salad in Bulgaria

The culinary temptations that Bulgaria offers are one of its kind. And as with so many other things, Bulgarians stick to it since centuries. Nevertheless, traditional Bulgarian cuisine is exceptionally diverse and delicious, from the tastiest salads to robust stews, from sweet pastries to all kinds of fish.

In Bulgaria architecture meets history

Church in Bulgaria

Interested in the culture and history of Bulgaria? Not really? Read on anyway. Because the country has much to offer on history, architecture and religion, which could even be on interest for you: from Sofia to Sozohol, from Plovdiv to Bansko, from Nesebar to Arbanassi.

Visit old churches like the Church of Christ Pantocrator in Nesebar, discover medieval forts such as the one at Cape Kaliakra or let the charm of the wooden windmills carry you back to long past times.

Bulgaria is a country on the rise

A reflection of a church in Bulgaria in sunglasses

It’s the mixture of lowlands and mountains, of sand and concrete, of old and new that makes this country so special. A huge diversity, that you can actually feel when traveling through Bulgaria. It’s a melting pot of the old and the young. The past and the future. Sofia is on the rise. And so is the whole country.

Anekdotique was a guest of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism. All opinions, exaggerations and bad jokes are my own.

  1. Freya says:

    I have never visited Bulgaria but your post and photos have convinced me that I need to visit this beautiful country. The sunset photo is amazing

  2. I wouldn’t have thought about traveling there before reading this. You made me think again.

  3. Ellis Shuman says:

    Wonderful! This article brings back many warm memories of my two years living in Bulgaria!

  4. I have never been, but by gosh – it’s so pretty. I like the idea of quieter beaches with my son.


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